Women Do These Things But Never Admit

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1) Fart

Obviously, no woman will ever admit that they have farted. The blame will come on the man in the room or if not, then on the environment. 

2) Cyberstalk

Men are blamed for cyberstalking but women are not behind men. They are known to stalk their crush or the person who like them. They totally cyberstalk other women too.

3) Not washing hair daily

Men may not know this, but this is true that women don't wash their hair regularly. They do it once or two times a week. 

4) Peeing in shower

It is totally not good for women to pee in shower but they do it and sort of like it. Women should know they are not designed to pee while standing.

5) Toilet paper as makeshift tampons

They may not admit it, but they have to do it in order to work with their periods. So it's okay. 

6) Eating snacks but away from all 

Women do this, Yes! Away from their kids or their husband, they eat snacks as they want their favorite snacks to be kept from being shared. 

7) Pick Their Noses

Mmmm, that sound gross but not only men but women also pick their nose and yes we all do while alone sometimes. 

8) Poop more during menstruation

Women can't help it. They have this activity of the body occurring more during menstruation. But nobody knows it!

9) Pluck rogue hair

Women, as we all know, want to look good always, so a little hair on anywhere on face can't stand a chance again, woman. They will pluck it.

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