What Women Think Of Men's Beard?

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Beard Look

Guys may prefer the look, but do women prefer beards? There is more research and evidence on the subject than you might assume.

What studies say?

According to a UK study highlighted by ZME Science, women regard males with beards to be more macho and aggressive, which are both potentially strong signals to look for in a mate.

Women's View

Several studies have found that women think males with beards are more attractive, or perhaps better as spouses or parents.

What women see?

According to research, women see a beard as a symbol of stability, implying that men are looking for a long-term relationship rather than a short-term one.

How they like?

There's also the issue of personal preference. Some ladies prefer a little scruff on the jawline, while others want a pristine, freshly shaved appearance.

Whether a person is naturally inclined to a beard or enjoys the feel of one, a partner's liking for facial hair may be as individual as the style of the facial hair itself.

The best style

According to the same UK study cited by ZME Science, light stubble is the most attractive facial hair style for women across the board.


When in doubt, style your beard and facial hair accordingly, opting for something sleek, well-kept, and distinct.

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