What Jealousy Can Do To Your & Your Relationship?

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1) Effect on Physical Health

Jealousy is stressful, and chronic stress increases the likelihood of developing health issues such as high blood pressure, migraines, back pain etc.

2) Effect on mental health

Some mental problems can arise as a result of extreme jealousy. Even more frequent forms of envy, though, can be detrimental to your mental and emotional health.

3) Damages trust

Jealousy makes you distrust your partner, and he or she may come to distrust you as well. Your lover is unsure what will irritate you and what will not.

4) Damages your own trust

Because of the cognitive tricks that envy employs, you begin to doubt your judgment and your capacity to discern what is truly going on.

5) It makes you misperceive common situations

Whether it's a dialogue with your partner or something you see with your own eyes, it's filtered via a strong jealousy filter frequently twisted.

6) You start to feel absent in relationship

Jealousy drags you back into the bitter past of betrayals & failures. Because all you can see is the past, you can't appreciate positives in relationship.

7) It restarts arguments

Your jealous mind will replay what you think happened or what your spouse "truly" intended, making it hard to move on from a fight.

8) It gives more insecurity

You know those comparisons you make in which everyone else is so much more than you? They will continue to grow and intensify.

9) It makes everyday topics difficult

When envy is a habit, communication suffers significantly. Because you can't actually hear what your partner is saying.

10) May even result in breakup

At some time, your partner will question if the relationship is worth the drama and misery and whether he or she should stay or leave.

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