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The Best Cat Breed According to Astrology

Aries: Abyssinian

An Abyssinian, one of the oldest cat breeds, is ideal. The Aby loves to explore and take chances.

This type will regularly surprise Aries by climbing to the highest points in the home.

Aries: Siberian

Independent, confident Aries is best matched to a high-energy, fun-loving cat.

The Siberian is a frisky puss that stays kittenish throughout maturity. This breed is docile, making it ideal for families with children.

Aries: Siamese

A Siamese is another suitable match for Aries. They'll chat with anyone.

Every cat-loving family would benefit from the Siamese's intellect and kindness.

Taurus: American Shorthair

Taurus is a loyal sign, thus the American Shorthair is one of its greatest pals (best feline friends).

It's a laid-back cat that's happy on its own but prefers to be with you. If you have other pets, the American Shorthair will easily win them over.

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