Reasons Why Your Ex Keep Coming Back

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"Boomerang Man."

 This word refers to a male with whom a woman has ended a romantic relationship but continues to communicate for inexplicable reasons.

Why They Come Back?

The issue is, why do they return and, in some cases, even want to reunite? Let us hear the reasons!

1) For The Intimate Relationship

No man wants to miss out on wonderful intimacy. It's a strong cause for him to return if there was a nice physical relationship.

1) For The Intimate Relationship

Is the woman able to distinguish the physical components of the relationship that work from the emotional ones that may be lacking?

2) They want to try a do-over

If he made a lot of mistakes with a previous partner but still felt a connection, he may return for a second chance.

2) They want to try a do-over

Yet, relational patterns tend to repeat even after a second effort. You don't put spoilt milk back in the fridge and hope it's fresh tomorrow.

3) They're single & desperate

Guys on the rebound are more likely to reunite with ex-girlfriends and partners. The causes vary, but are primarily related to the aforementioned mentions and motives.

3) They're single & desperate

He's testing the waters with a simple phone call, email, or text message, and will judge what's feasible based on the woman's reply.

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