Most To Least Jealous Zodiac Signs

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1) Scorpio

By far the most jealous of all zodiac signs are Scorpios. They lack faith in others, causing them to make false allegations motivated by pure envy.

2) Cancer

Cancers sense envy frequently yet are adept at concealing it. They rarely reveal their envy to others, but if they do, you're in for a show.

3) Leo

When their partner devotes more attention to another person or thing than to them, their jealousy switch is activated. Leo seeks the attention of everyone they encounter.

4) Virgo

They tend to be extremely self-critical, and if someone does anything better than them, they become envious and act as if life is a competition.

5) Aries

Because Aries are both passionate and moody, they are overcome with envy. When Aries is envious, they move swiftly. They have a tendency to have a short fuse.

6) Taurus

Tauruses are possessive and insecure, although they do not usually have a jealous side. Taurus is patient and empathetic enough to know when to act on emotion and when not to.

7) Capricorn

Capricorns are less likely to be jealous than other zodiac signs. Little things bother them now and then, and they have envious thoughts, but they never act on them.

8) Libra

Libra is a more understanding zodiac sign. They understand that things will not always go their way, and they accept this. It is unusual for them to be envious.

9) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the odd one out; they don't appear to get jealous. They are upbeat and outgoing people. They dislike those who hold them back.

10) Aquarius

Aquarius will not feel envy in the same way that the rest of us do. They fix problems, finding a means to avoid feeling insecure for no cause.

11) Pisces

Pisces never becomes envious. Because of their sympathetic character and affection for people, they rarely experience envy.

12) Gemini

Gemini does not experience envy for one and only one reason: they do not care enough. Because of this, Geminis are among the best people to be around.

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