Most Overpriced Fast Food Chain Restaurants

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1) Panera

Panera is a fast-casual company, so customers demand more than at McDonald's but also more for the price. Customers are increasingly complaining that Panera doesn't delivering this.

2) McDonald's

McDonald's is still around despite a 10% price rise in Q3 2022. But, this could alter as cost-related talk has certainly increased.

3) Chipotle

Another chain hearing customer rage but not feeling it is Chipotle. Burrito bowls now cost over $10, up from $7.65 in 2020. Customers understand the 20% price hike.

4) Pizza Hut

Pizza is one food customers agree should be affordable. Customers think Pizza Hut's increasing pricing aren't worth it.

5) Five Guys

Some people at their local Five Guys are paying up to $20 for a basic cheeseburger, regular fries, and a regular-sized drink.

6) Sonic Drive-In

Sonic hasn't won over customers' hearts with cheap cuisine and value lunches. It is struggling to compete with McDonald's $1, $2, and $3 dollar menus and Wendy's $5 Jumbo Bag.

7) Shake Shack

According to CNBC, the price of pork and beef has increased by 14 to 20 percent in just one year, resulting in price rises.

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