Most Fighting To Most Peaceful Zodiac Signs Ranked

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1) Leo

Leos love attention & do anything to keep that attention to themselves. But if you try to steal their show, they will not forgive & will be ready to fight with you in the war of words & actions.

2) Scorpio

The mysterious and dark zodiac sign will hold things if someone did them wrong and will not stay back to get the revenge in the cruelest way possible. 

3) Taurus

Taurus is stubborn; if they lock their horns with you, don't think they will fall back. They will fight with you no matter what happens. 

4) Cancer

Cancer is a very emotional zodiac sign, and they get hurt easily by others' actions. In that case, they will fight. They also look criticism to heart. 

5) Sagittraius

The cool and adventurous zodiac sign will not hold back to prove their point and will do anything to show themselves as right. You can't convince them they are wrong.

6) Aries

The most impulsive zodiac sign is surely the one who is ready to fight. They don't think before acting & if you do wrong to them, they will not back down. 

7) Aquarius

Aquarius people hat small talks or gossip. They don't compromise if their purpose is not fulfilled. They are usually a passive aggressive types of people.

8) Capricorn

Capricorns are workaholics zodiac people. They are practical, but that means they are stubborn too. They can exhaust you if you have an argument with them. 

9) Gemini

Geminis are social butterflies of the zodiac sign and are fun-loving people, so they don't take things to their hearts. But they will just cut you off if you make them angry.

10) Virgo

Virgo is among the people who think if they hurt you or not. They care more about others. They are the ones to blame themselves. They overthink. 

11) Libra

Libra doesn't fight, rather just close themselves up if someone or anything hurt them. They will not argue, but you need to help them to put out their feelings. 

12) Pisces

Pisces, the sensitive zodiac sign, is not into fighting and are the most peaceful zodiac sign. They will understand others' POV & try to keep argumemnt lowkey.

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