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Most Charitable Zodiac Sign, As per Astrology


Libras are symbolised by the scales of justice, and they seek the highest good for everybody. They are charitable and concerned for the welfare of everyone.


Pisces are naturally predisposed to care for others, thus it comes as no surprise that they are also charitable. They have a strong sense of empathy & place themselves in the shoes of others. 


Sagittarius are receptive and eager to share their knowledge with anyone willing to listen. They are public-spirited individuals with expansive ideals.


Cancer has an innate desire to care for others. They are charitable in whatever manner possible, whether by making extra food or by helping at an animal shelter.


Virgos are able to set aside their critical natures and offer support to anyone in need. The service-oriented Virgo recognises the issue and is there to offer assistance.


Aquarius is a sign of innovation and knowledge. They are the most philanthropic of all zodiac signs, and  they are the first to fight for a cause they believe in.

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