Meet The Most Friendly Animals In The World

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1) Swans

Swans may have a reputation for being arrogant, but they are actually one of the most sociable birds and are calmed by the human voice.

2) Sheep

Sheep bond with their shepherds, even when shearing hurts. Sheep are popular petting zoo animals because they are gentle and love attention.

3) Horses

Many people ride horses or compete in riding events to show off their trotting friends. Equine therapy for emotional support is also widespread.

4) Rabbits

Bunny bunnies easily made the top ten friendliest animals list with their huge ears and beautiful looks. The beautiful herbivores get along well with humans.

5) Bearded Dragons

Lizards get along with people but not with their own species. Bearded dragons like to spend hours on their owners' shoulders.

6) Dolphins

Dolphins are the friendliest water creatures since scientists don't know sea sponges' inner lives. The smartest aquatic mammals are playful.

7) House Cats

Cats don't always want to fetch a Frisbee. Their stoicism and independence are deceptive still they are affectionate.

8) Dogs

Throughout history, dogs have coexisted with humans because they are loyal and emotionally attuned.

9) Capybaras

They get along with humans, cats, birds, crocodiles, camels, and even crocodiles and camels! This semi-aquatic mammal is particularly loved by monkeys.

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