Legal Things That Need To Banned Right Now

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1) Fake Ads

Yes, they are illegal to show, but there are loopholes that allow fake advertisers to show fake ads. They put small disclaimers making them legal.

2) Insurance companies not giving treatment

Insurance companies have various terms and conditions, which are not told, and companies misuse it. They need to be illegal if denied treatment.

3) Pelvic Exams Under Anesthesia

Yes, medical students and doctors can do pelvic exams under anesthesia without your knowing. So this needs to be illegal, as you don't sign for this. 

4) Child Beauty Peagants

Is it right to put makeup, fake lashes, heavy dresses, or even some plastic surgery on kids for child beauty peagants?

5) Payday Loans

Payday loans are a vicious cycle where you need to pay hefty charges. These may look very shiny and attracting but they are traps. So they need to be considered illegal.

6) Bank Fees

Oh, the bank fee is the biggest scam out there. You get to pay a fee for withdrawing your own money and even need to pay card fees etc.

7) Paparazzi

Celebrities want the paparazzi banned as they most times invade their private space. But they get promoted by them, too, so it's a love-hate relationship.

8) Gambling Apps

They lure the user to install the app by advertising, then gamble their hard money to give nothing; They need to be held illegal!

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