Indications That Your Partner Is Lying

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Behavior or Attitude Change 

You likely know your partner better than anyone else, so if you observe a significant shift in how they behave, this should raise red flags. Lying might force a person to alter his or her daily routine

Boosting Privacy of Phone

People frequently alter their conduct when they are lying by boosting the privacy of their phones. Suddenly, your partner's phone requires a password and they must leave the room to answer a call.

Contradictory Statements

When explanations don't appear to match up or make sense, this is a sign that your partner may be lying to you.

Being Slow to Respond

During an important talk with you, your partner begins to respond slowly. Your companion may appear to be searching for the proper words or revising their thoughts

Avoiding Direct Eye Contact

A person who avoids direct eye contact may be uncomfortable and attempting to avoid getting caught in a lie.

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