How Each Zodiac Sign Can Become Luckier?

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Lucky Asteroid Tycher

Asteroid Tyche affects luck. Birth chart calculators can locate Tyche in your astrological chart. You can use your Tyche sign to attract luck.
How? Let's See!


If Tyche is in Aries, you can increase your good fortune by practicing candle magic and incense manifestation. Green candles and cinnamon incense, to be exact.


Tyche is in Taurus, thus positive affirmations can help you bring about everything you want in life. It's as like you were blessed with lucky girl syndrome from birth.


Writing down your manifestations is a powerful way to activate your Tyche in Gemini and attract more good fortune into your life.


When Tyche is in Cancer, visualizing what you want to attract into your life is most effective when you're in the shower.


With Tyche in Leo, you might increase your chances of success by pretending that you already have achieved your goals.


If Tyche is in Virgo, you may make anything happen by by writing it down. After all, this method satisfies Virgo's penchant for secrecy and meticulousness.


Tyche is in Libra, and since Venus is the ruler of Libra, you can use the visualization technique of frequency 221.23 Hz to bring about the things you want in life.


While Tyche is in Scorpio, good fortune comes to those who are willing to let go of the negative and embrace change.


When Tyche is in Sagittarius, one of the most effective ways to bring about one's desires is to visualize while listening to Jupiter's frequency of 183.58 Hz.


All you have to do is jot down your wishes on a dried bay leaf and tuck it under your pillow or keep it in your purse.


When you let yourself to be more daring and try new things, you'll attract positive outcomes thanks to this placement. 


If Tyche is in Pisces, you can use the power of meditation to bring about whatever you desire.

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