Essential Bathroom Items when Guests Arrive

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Important Toiletries 

Include items such as razors, cotton balls, body lotion, combs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and feminine hygiene products in a basket or amenity kit that your guests may have forgotten to bring. 

Fresh Towels

A selection of Fresh Towels you must have in bathroom so that guests can use them. Towels must be neat and spotless, without stains or frayed edges.

Bath Mat 

It's nice to step out of the shower onto something other than cold tile, especially in the winter. A thick, absorbent, and clean bath mat makes for a more luxurious bathing experience, as well as a dry bathroom floor.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Fill an aesthetically pleasing pump dispenser with a liquid hand soap. Avoid bar soap and decorative soaps, as they quickly become a mess. Hand sanitizer gel is now a necessity, and some individuals reach for it out of routine.

Extra Toilet Paper

To prevent your guests from requesting additional toilet paper, keep a stack of rolls on a shelf or in a covered basket.

Plenty of Hooks

Consider how guests will utilise the bathroom and provide an adequate number of hooks and towel bars for hanging wet towels, washcloths, bathrobes, etc.


A package of soft facial tissues has numerous applications. Although it may seem obvious, tissues are useful throughout the year, not just during flu season.

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