A Secret You Hide From Everyone, As Per Your Zodiac

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The secret is that you are not as confident as you appear to be. In fact, you feel like the biggest phony in the world.


Your biggest secret is that you worry you don't do enough to provide, and that grin of happiness you wear in public is mostly for show.


When it comes to yourself, you feel as like your life is in shambles, and no matter how hard you try to put it back together and accept who you are, it continues to fall apart.


Although you are a natural-born nurturer and a firm believer in establishing solid family roots, it might be difficult yet worthwhile. But, your secret is that you do not desire children.


You simply seek a life with fewer pain, drama, and obstacles. You are a very simple individual with uncomplicated desires and needs.


While you are "the expert" at assisting others, you have severe trouble allowing people to assist you or assisting yourself without feeling humiliated or guilty.


You are all about pursuing equilibrium and harmony. But, your biggest secret is that you are far from perfect. Yet your life is far from balanced and harmonious.


Even though you are the most intense and focused of the signs, you urge others to form long-lasting friendships. Your secret is that you prefer spending time alone yourself.


You are known as a great risk-taker, a dreamer, and an adventure-lover. Your hidden identity is that of a chicken.


You are obsessed with organization, long-term objectives, and planning. In truth, however, you wish your life demanded more spontaneity.


While you are the ultimate truth-seeker and you strive for justice for those around you, you are concealing a secret. Always fighting for everyone else is exhausting and overwhelming.


The secret you keep from everyone is the immense pressure you feel to make all of your dreams come true and to relieve the grief and pain of someone you care about and love.

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