9 Safest Countries For Female Solo Travelers

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1) Iceland

Iceland has more horses than police personnel due to its low crime rate. This Mars-like region is safe for women and LGBTQIA+ travelers.

2) New Zealand

Kiwis are generally polite and helpful. New Zealand is a great destination for solo female travelers.

3) Finland

As Finland's prime minister is a woman, the country is seen as being kind to and accommodating of strong, independent women like yourself.

4) Indonesia

As much as Western influences have altered Bali, it still ranks as one of the safest places in the world for women to go on their own.

5) Peru

Do you travel for both food and nature? Peru, in South America, has the best of both worlds & yes, it is safe for female travelers too. 

6) The Maldives

Crystal-clear blue waves, floating breakfasts, and ocean slides may seem better shared. Don't assume. Alone travelers can safely visit the Maldives.

7) Portugal

Portugal is the perfect destination if you've been itching to travel to Western Europe. Lisbon's mountainous terrain and vibrant street art will keep you entertained,

8) Jordan

The Middle East has many safe, welcoming, beautiful, and economical locales. Jordan is the safest country in a region.

9) Switzerland

Gamblino.com's analysis rated Switzerland Europe's safest country. Switzerland is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.

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