9 Professions That People Avoid To Marry 

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1) MLM Professionals

You can't marry someone who may be in a scam company. You may risk leaving the state or country or be called a criminal's other half. People avoid people in this profession.

2) Standup Comedians

This is because standup comedians pull up too much of their personal life in their standups. Also, they may come in too much spotlight which can harm your relationship.

3) Lawyer

You can't stand a chance against someone who is best at arguments. Things can get worse if no one is ready to give up on ego. People avoid marrying lawyer people.

4) Celebrity

The spotlight that you may find good is the same that you will hate if you marry a celebrity, Eyes of paparazzi will be on you, and you can't enjoy the good life then.

5) Police Officer

The reason is that around 40% of them are domestic abusers. So this is why people don't wan to marry people of this profession. 

6) Politician

Politicians come in more spotlight than celebrities when running for elections, and get too much hate, so people avoid politicians marrying.

7) Soldier

The reason for this is that there is too much tension, sleepless nights, and fear of having your partner involved if you marry a soldier. 

8) Surgeon

Surgeons are avoided by people because they show narcissistic personalities due to their professions and think of themselves as gods. This does not work in relationships. 

9) Zookeepers

Why? Due to the smell form their body. They can't deny they have smelled on their bodies due to their job, and that's why people may avoid marrying them. 

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