9 Jobs That Will Go Extinct Soon

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1) Truck Drivers

As self-driving technology advances, the traditional truck driver will become as obsolete as the assembly line worker.

2) Referees

As video replay and player tracking continue to develop rapidly, the days of billion-dollar teams basing crucial judgments on the vision of a handful of individuals may soon be over.

3) Travel agents

The vast majority of consumers today conduct their own research when taking a holiday, and the days of need a travel agent to purchase flights and a hotel room are nearly over.

4) Administrative assistants

Given the abundance of office-facilitating technologies available today, the administrative assistant's days may be numbered.

5) Call centre operator

Many companies are switching to digital customer service personnel, typically employing AI, eliminating the need for call centers with angry clients.

6) Librarian

Several public libraries now let members borrow digital copies of books, reducing the need for librarians to help visitors choose the right book.

7) Cashiers

Many supermarkets now have self-checkouts. With the rise of internet purchasing, cashiers are becoming less needed.

8) Financial planners

Another industry being supplanted by new software and smart applications that can accomplish most of the work faster and more precisely than a financial planner.

9) Bank tellers

The bulk of bank tellers have already been replaced by machines, and the increase in card use—rather than the use of real cash—has simply hastened this process.

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