9 First-Date Signs That Your Date Is Idiot

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1) Using profile pic from college days

What He Thinks: You looked your best, correct? Nevertheless, despite having graduated more than a decade ago, you looked fantastic. It's nothing to worry about.

2) He's late on the date

What He Thinks: Punctuality is for Betas. Be a true man. You determine the date's start time. You arrive when you are completely prepared.

3) He doesn't come to the door to pick you

What He Thinks: Demonstrate to her that you can use your phone for purposes other than porn. Text her from the car and wait for her to come out to meet you.

4) He picks you after workout

What He Thinks: Women enjoy the smell of a man sweating, and that musty male stench is precisely what the doctor ordered.

5) No plans for the date

What He Thinks: Women are challenging. Let her to choose everything so she doesn't grumble about anything she dislikes doing or eating.

6) He only talks about himself

What He Thinks: She desires to know you, correct? So tell her how much money you make, that your "other car" is in the shop, and that you live in an incredible home.

7) He trash talks his ex

What He Thinks: Make sure she understands that your ex was the worst and that you will no longer tolerate his behavior.

8) He show as detached

What He Thinks: Show her photographs of other ladies you've dated since then, as well as your ideal partner. She must be aware that you are a hot commodity.

9) He uses phone on the table

What He Thinks: You are an important individual, and many people are attempting to contact you... so respond! She must understand that you are in high demand.

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