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10 Depressing Jobs That Make People Sad 

1) Funeral Director

A common part of this work is dealing with funerals and distraught relatives. Maintaining emotional distance and dealing with the stress of a heavy task are both challenging.

2) Medical Examiner

Medical examiners, coroners, & all deal with the aftermath of deaths, just like funeral directors do. Investigating the circumstances around death is another demanding duty.

3) Social Worker

Customers of social services agencies frequently have histories of abuse or trauma. There is a risk of burnout and secondary trauma due to the nature of the work.

4) Animal Shelter Worker

While caring for animals in need can be satisfying, animal shelter personnel must also cope with euthanizing animals & witnessing the effects of animal abuse &  neglect firsthand.

5) Customer Service Representative

It can be stressful and depressing to deal with angry and disgruntled consumers. Representatives are frequently underpaid and overworked, which increases job stress.

6) Addiction Counselor

It is the responsibility of addiction counselors to assist individuals in overcoming substance misuse, which may be a challenging and emotionally exhausting process.

7) Emergency Services Worker

Emergency services personnel, whether they are paramedics, firefighters, or police officers, are frequently required to deal with traumatic and dangerous situations.

8) Journalist

Journalists often cover horrific occurrences, which might affect their mental health. Burnout can also result from content production and deadlines.

9) Soldier

Soldiers confront a constant risk of injury and death, and their war experiences can cause trauma and emotional suffering.

10) Debt Collector

Debt collectors are tasked with contacting individuals who are frequently unable to pay their obligations, which can lead to challenging and emotional encounters.

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