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How to Have a Productive Morning Routine

    How to Have a Productive Morning Routine

    While only some people like getting up early, mornings can significantly impact everyone’s disposition and productivity throughout the day. Consistent practices that you incorporate into your morning routine are the key to becoming a morning person. We’ve put together this list for your benefit, in no particular order, to help you reduce stress and work toward achieving maximum productivity with the least amount of burnout.

    Wake up early

    Although it should be obvious, it can be challenging for some people. Although it wouldn’t hurt, you don’t have to get up at dawn every day. Remember to set your alarm for a time that will allow you to complete your morning ritual before your day officially starts, and whatever you do, resist the need to hit the snooze button. Consider treating yourself to a Home Sweet Home bundle, which includes a stemless wine glass, a soy wax candle, a bath bomb, and a velvet robe created in Boise to make the most of your morning. Putting on a cozy robe and lighting a candle to begin your morning can never go wrong.

    Journal and Meditate

    Yes, I realize you’re tired of hearing it by this point, but it indeed does affect your mood. You may find a lot of applications and other tools to help you with meditation and journaling. Listing five things for which I am currently grateful is a quick exercise I perform when I don’t know what to write. When I’m particularly stressed out on a given day, I note what’s bothering me. Some days, I’ll use a tarot card, a guided meditation, or research questions to spark my creativity. To put oneself in the mentality of manifesting, I strongly advise drafting some positive affirmations each morning. For optimal results, say them aloud. To be successful, these affirmations must be made in the present tense. For instance:

    I am magnetic
    I am capable
    I am successful
    I am abundant
    I am intelligent
    I have everything I could possibly need
    I am where I am meant to be
    Reset your living space

    Now is the moment to make your bed and remove any clutter from your living space. When the area around you is tidy, you’ll discover that arranging your ideas and priorities is much simpler. Deep cleaning shouldn’t be done during your morning routine; instead, schedule specific days of the week or month for it. When it comes to brain fog and general organization, developing a daily habit of a quick 10–20 minute power pickup will be a game changer.

    Avoid social media

    Many of us are guilty of opening our social media accounts right after waking up. However, studies have shown that it can be quite challenging to concentrate due to the chemicals released in your brain due to using social media. Therefore, decide when you can start using social media; for instance, you might wait until one hour after you wake up. If you have an iPhone, you can put time limitations on particular applications in the settings to prevent cheating if you don’t trust yourself to complete the challenge.


    Before you go to bed, always place a full cup of water next to your bed; you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning. You can then proceed to your morning cup of coffee or tea once the entire cup has been consumed. Finally, remember to feed your body to convert food into energy. Making a protein shake or smoothie might be a fantastic alternative for those who find it challenging to eat in the morning to obtain their nutrients and start the day.

    Move your body

    Moving your body in any form, whether a 10-minute stretch or a 3-mile run, will improve your mood. However, you are more likely to find reasons not to move as the day goes on if you put off your daily activity. There are several reasons it’s a good idea to move your body (besides losing weight.) Here are a few examples: raise your energy levels, your strength, your flexibility, your mood, your memory, your clarity of thought, your level of anxiety, and your general happiness.

    Set priority goals

    You can do this in your diary, scheduler, iPad, notes app, etc. Every time you get an idea for a goal, write it down. Set priority goals for the upcoming week, month, or quarter if it is a new one. It has been demonstrated that writing down a task physically increases your likelihood of finishing it.

    Please let us know if you implement any of these routines in the morning. Good morning, everyone, and thanks for reading!

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